Oracle Vault

The Oracle Vault is a uniques mechanism that gives NFTs the ability to control FTSO Delegations and earn Rewards.


Every ORACLE NFT has an equal share of the ORACLE_VAULT's contents. The vault will hold WSGB which will be delegated and compounded increasing each NFTs value until the time the FlareDrops are complete (June 2026). ORACLE NFT holders will be able to control which FTSOs the WSGB inside the vault is delegated to. At some point in the future, when the FlareDrops end, the vault will open, allowing ORACLE NFT holders to claim the some of the WSGB that is in the VAULT and has been compounding from delegation rewards, and other rewards streams like OracleSwap DEX/Marketplace Fees and some of the Royalty Fees.
After the FlareDrops end and the VAULT opens an undetermined amount of WSGB will remain in the VAULT so there will be an ongoing utility and shared delegation with all the ORACLEs. This amount is TBD in the future based on how much is in the VAULT. Some of the tokens, except SGB/WSGB that are sent to the ORACLE_VAULT from different sources are claimable in real time. The ORACLE_VAULT will be used to distribute a variety of ERC-20 tokens equally to each ORACLE NFT on an ongoing basis into the future.
The NFTs do not have to be staked into the contract, they can just be held in your wallet. This also keeps the ORACLEs in circulation so Royalties can be accumulated and sent to the ORACLE_VAULT. Some VIS will be distributed to the ORACLE_VAULT over years (using a similar Distribution mechanism you see in MultiStaking (the button/widget that can be called to distribute ORACLE every 3 hours) or it will be manually sent to the vault. Some ORACLE Token will go to the ORACLE_VAULT to be distributed equally to all ORACLE NFT Holders distributed over years. Some PRO will go to the ORACLE_VAULT distributed over years. The ORACLE_VAULT will receive a stream of different tokens from different sources in addition to what is listed above. Tokens/SGB from the OracleSwap NFT Marketplace Fees, a portion of NFT Trading Royalty Fees, Liquidity Delegation fees from OracleSwap V2, OSLPs from OracleSwap V2, and possibly more.

Vault Open Dates

PRO - 12/25/23 ORACLE - 12/25/24 VIS - 12/25/25 WSGB - 1/30/26