❄️Oracle Distributor

The Oracle Distributor distributes Swap Fees to the OracleFoundry Stakers

The OracleDistributor receives DEX swap fees from the setFee to address of the OracleSwapFactory Contract. The fees are in the form of OLP Tokens. ORACLE Token holders can publicly call the Distribute function to convert the OLP Tokens to ORACLE and distribute them. 70% of the ORACLE is sent to the OracleFoundry/Stakers, 20% is use as a Prophet Sacrifice to buy and burn PRO, and 10% of the ORACLE is sent to the dead address. If the OracleTreasury address is not zero, then half of the Prophet sacrifice will go to OracleTreasury. Some OLPs like PRO/WSGB cannot be converted because of the burn function. These types of OLPs get sent to the PRO/Oracle NFT MultiStaking System. Anyone holding $ORACLE can call the DIST/BURN function if LPTs are Available!

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