🥩MultiStaking PRO/The Oracles NFTs

You can stake your PRO and/or your Oracle NFTs in this unique DeFi NFT Multitasking system. Currently only available on Songbird, but to be deployed on Flare in the Future.

Good to know: The yield you earn is highly dependent on the volume and user activity on Oracle Swap!

RISKS: -Due to the built in burn on the transfer function on PRO, every time you stake/unstake 1% of your PRO will be burnt. Take this into consideration. -Although the contracts have been audited and thoroughly tested there is still a general risk when staking Tokens or NFTs in a smart contract. -If you make a mistake and break your timelock you will lose half of your staked PRO or xORACLE!


  • The Global Stats section shows important metrics like the Current Global Pool Size. The Current Global Pool Size shows how big the pool is with Time-Lock Multipliers added.

  • PRO Staking, PRO can be staked with or without a time-lock. If you stake your PRO with a time-lock you will receive a multiplier on your staked PRO balance, but if you withdraw your PRO early you will forfeit half. The forfeited half gets split, 50% gets burnt, 50% goes back to the staking pool.

  • The Stake Balance widget shows your token balances locked in the contract, pool share, and time-lock status.

  • The Rewards widget shows your Pending Rewards that you can harvest. It also shows your total claimed amount.

  • The Oracle NFTs can be multi-staked with PRO. Each NFT has a unique PRO weight value formulated by its points and rarity. If you want the Oracles to receive the power of the time-lock multiplier you must add collateral in the form of xORACLE and have a minimum stake of PRO. If you break your Oracle NFT time-lock you will forfeit half of your xORACLE collateral. The forfeited half gets split, 50% gets burnt, 50% goes back to the staking pool.

Global Stats and Distributor

The Distributed section shows what types of tokens have already been distributed to Stakers in total. If the Distribute button is highlighted that means there are rewards pending in the Distributor Contract. Anyone can call this public function to distribute the rewards to the pool. The Distributor Contract receives SGB and Tokens from many different sources. Sources include: A portion of the fees from the OracleSwap FTSO (SGB), a portion of the Oracles NFTs trading fees on Sparkles or other marketplaces (in SGB/Other), OracleSwap swap fees (ORACLE/PRO/OLPs), coming NFT Market Place Fees, a large reserved amount of ORACLE to be slowly sent to the MultiStaking contract over time, and coming soon a percentage of PRO per block that is minted every day.

PRO Deposit/Withdrawals & Time Locks

This widget is the most important. It lets you deposit and withdraw your PRO and it lets you start a Time-Lock! BE CAREFUL WHEN SETTING A TIMELOCK! IF YOU BREAK IT, YOU WILL LOSE HALF OF YOUR WITHDRAWAL! If the slider is set to 0/1x you are taking no risk and will be able to withdraw your PRO or NFTs at anytime. If you set the slider to 7x your PRO value within the global pool will be multiplied by 7 times, but it will be locked up for 3 months! The higher your pool share is the more of the rewards you will be able to claim. When you create a time-lock, it also affects your Oracle NFTs.

Staked Balance & Rewards

When you deposit tokens into the Multi Staking contract you can see them in the Stake Balance widget. This widget also shows your pool share and a countdown showing when your time-lock ends. If you withdraw your token(s) before the timer resets, you will lose half your staked PRO and ORACLE! The Rewards widget shows your Pending Rewards that you can Harvest and the Total Claimed shows the total of each token that you have previously harvested.

The Oracle NFTs!

If you want to stake your Oracle NFTs with a time-lock so you can get a multiplier, you must pair your NFT with collateral in the form of xORACLE, and add the minimum amount of PRO one time. A minimum of 10,000 xORACLE per Oracle NFT and a minimum deposit of 1111 PRO is required for the time-lock multiplier to be active. PRO and The NFTs share the time-lock. You can stake your NFTs without a time-lock using zero collateral. You will be prompted to approve your xORACLE, PRO and your Oracle NFTs So the MultiStaking Contract can manage your tokens.

NFTs have a PRO weight which is equal to that amount of PRO pool share value. The weights are determined by a combination of points value and rarity. You can check this spreadsheet to see the PRO weights of all the NFTs.

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