The Archetypes NFTs

First Contact has begun!🛸 A limited amount of ARCs are minable by participants of the FTSO System every epoch! GENESIS ON THE FLARE NETWORK SOON!


If you were holding The Oracles NFTs on the snapshot date 12/3/22 your address should be eligible to mint/claim 1 ARC NFT on Flare Network for Free! this will only be open for a limited period of time! Snapshot List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ID1ufANvVmdmtwOauBUU7MHGgDK01lDRLKHn3za6WOo/edit?usp=sharing

🎇🔆Mine or Mint The Archetypes ($ARC) NFTs on The Flare Network! 🔥

Oracle Swap Earning App
User the Archetypes page in the earn app to interact with the ARC system
The Oracles send The Archetypes across the universe to assist in unifying and awakening different species throughout the cosmos to universal peace. They come to make peaceful contact with humanity and to assist humanity in becoming galactic and showing that we are not so different from one another. There are 11,111 ARCs that are slowly distributed across the universe! If they don't sell out, it is anticipated that the ARCs will be fully distributed in approximately 5 years as. 22 ARCs are mineable by participants of The Archetypes NFT FTSO Mining System every epoch. Good luck mining!

🛸The Archetype NFTs MAX Supply = 11,111 ARCs 👽


111,111,111 Million Vision Token will be distributed to the ARC NFTs automatically transferred as they are minted/mined. The VIS transferred with each ARC is proportional to the ARCs rarity. So the rarer your ARC is the more VIS it comes with. ARCs with a TokenID#/Rank# (Token ID and Rank are intertwined!) closer to 1 will get more VIS! The Average VIS per ARC NFT is about 10,000. The Max VIS per ARC NFT is about 19,000. The Minimum VIS per ARC NFT is 1,111.


Every ARC NFT will have an equal share of the ARC_VAULT's contents. The vault will hold WFLR which will be delegated and compounded, the FlareDrops will also be claimable by the ARC_VAULT increasing each NFTs value until the time the FlareDrops are complete. ARC NFT holders will be able to control which FTSOs the WFLR inside the vault is delegated to. At some point in the future, when the FlareDrops end, the vault will open, allowing ARC NFT holders to claim the some of the WFLR that is in the VAULT and has been compounding from delegation rewards, FlareDrops, and other rewards streams like OracleSwap DEX/Marketplace Fees and some of the Royaly Fees. After the FlareDrops end and the VAULT opens an undetermined amount of WFLR will remain in the VAULT so there will be an on going utility and shared delegation with all the ARCs. This amount is TBD in the future based on the how much is in the VAULT. 25% FLR of the mint cost for each ARC goes to the ARC_VAULT. Cost of each ARC is $77. Minus 25% makes each ARC actually cost about $57 to mint. The price of the NFTs is pegged to the dollar value of $77 using the FTSO system. Most of the tokens, except FLR/WFLR that are sent to the ARC_VAULT from different sources are claimable in real time. The ARC_VAULT will be used to distribute a variety of ERC-20 tokens equally to each ARC NFT on an ongoing bases into the future. The NFTs do not have to be staked into the contract, they can just be held in your wallet. This also keeps the ARCs in circulation so Royalties can be accumulated and sent to the ARC_VAULT. 20 Million bonus VIS will be distributed to the ARC_VAULT over years (using a similar Distribution mechanism you see in MultiStaking (the button/widget that can be called to distribute ORACLE every 3 hours) or it will be manually sent to the vault. 10-20 Million fORACLE Token will go to the ARC_VAULT to be distributed equally to all ARC NFT Holders on Flare distributed over years when bridging is possible. Every ARC NFT will be able to claim about 1K-2K fORACLE Token if they hold for the duration of the distribution period(this is ontop of VIS token distribution). A TBD amount of PRO may go to the ARC_VAULT on Flare distributed over years when bridging is possible. The ARC_VAULT will receive a constant stream of different tokens from different sources in addition to what is listed above. Tokens/FLR from the OracleSwap NFT Marketplace Fees, a portion of NFT Trading Royalty Fees, Liquidity Delegation fees from OracleSwap V2, OSLPs from OracleSwap V2, FlareDrops and more. It is important to note that unminted ARCs still get all the rewards the minted and circulating ARCs get. Meaning ARCs that are unminted will increase in value overtime! First come first serve!


Every few epochs a random FTSO within a certain Vote Power Range becomes the chosen Oracle. Delegates of the Chosen/Assigned Oracle will be eligible to mine ARC+VIS. The Top Delegates of the Chosen Oracle who have submitted an ARC mining request will be able to claim their ARC at the End of the Epoch. (If/when OracleSwap starts an FTSO the ARCs may be switched and used as a reward for delegating to the OracleSwap FTSO) To keep the system balanced, because ARCs that are mined dilute the locked WFLR value of each ARC NFT. A 50% Tax of the Vision Token for Mined ARCs will be redistributed back to the ARC_VAULT as ARC+VIS is mined each epoch by FTSO participants. For example, if an ARC NFT comes with 20,000 VIS, 10,000 VIS will be taken from that mined ARC and sent to the ARC_VAULT and distributed among all of the ARC NFTs. So ARCs that are not mined/minted yet technically still get this redistribution share in the vault even though they don't exist yet.

💎Summary Of Why The ARCs Are Special!👽

  • The ARCs are a special NFT collection, like nothing else ever done before. Their core distribution mechanics are interwoven with the Flare Time Series Oracle system.
    • The Cost to create an order/mint an ARC NFT is pegged to a USD $ Dollar value. The peg is managed using the FLR price from the FTSO system! The cost to create an order/mint an NFT in native FLR dynamically changes because it is using the oracle price data of the FTSO system! (other F-Assets will be able to be used to mint the ARCs with this same mechanic).
  • The ARCs are assigned to you based on randomness that is derived from the FTSO system! LEARN MORE
  • The random FTSO that is assigned and allows delegates to mine ARC is selected based on randomness that is derived from the FTSO system! LEARN MORE
  • The ARCs are mineable!⛏️ The ARCs can incentivize a more even distrbution of VP by giving delegators of smaller VP FTSOs the chance to claim the ARCs. This may help smaller FTSOs increase VP, as the ARCs will be a bonus for that FTSO for a few epochs.
  • The ARC_VAULT is a revolutionary new type of NFT utility that actually turns an NFT into a real financial instrument! NFTs are used to manage delegations as a community and claim delegation rewards+FlareDrops!
  • The ARCs are put together with a selection of 300+ unique traits, each rendered using Iray 3D Renderer!
  • The ARC metadata can be fully revealed from the start because the true randomness is derived from the Flare FTSO System! The whole 11K Collection is viewable from the start!
  • The ARCs are actually made from full 3D Models!
  • The ARCs are out of this world 👽🚀 but they are also down to Earth🌎!
  • The ARCs were designed/created by OracleSwap Founder Shah Oracle over many years!
  • The Archetypes are a new class of NFT smartcontract acrhitecture to forever exist on the Flare Network🔥!

🌟ARC Utility🔨

ARC NFTs share the ARC Vault which provides a constant stream of rewards and a unique mechanism to manage delegations and Flare Drops as a community using NFTs! It is like staking to earn rewards but without needing to lock your NFT in a contract. 👽The ARCs will receive a portion of the delegation/airdrop fees from the delegated liquidity on OracleSwap V2 and more! The ARCs will receive a portion of the liquidity fees in the form of LP tokens, Tokens/FLR from the OracleSwap NFT Marketplace Fees, a portion of NFT Trading Royalty Fees, Liquidity Delegation fees from OracleSwap V2, OSLPs from OracleSwap V2, FlareDrops and more.
ARCs are mineable by participants of the Flare Time Series Oracle System!
ARCs may be a part of a Trading Card or Other game in the Future!

🖨️Mint An ARC NFT with FLR by Creating A Paid Order!

You can get the ARC NFTs by delegating to the randomly assigned FTSO and Mining or by Creating An Order/Minting them with FLR! A paid order lets you bypass the mining system and receive a random NFT. When someone creates a paid order for an ARC NFT they get a random NFT from the full rank range of #1-#11,111. The true randomness is derived from the FTSO system. This is why you must first Create An Order and wait a few minutes for the smart contract to derive the randomness from the FTSO system and assign and mint you an NFT when you claim.

👁️See your Archetypes & their share of the ARC VAULT!

Open the Earn app to Create An Order/Mint an ARC NFT!

Find the Archetypes tab to Create An Order and mint and NFT.

👽The Archetypes NFT Mining System⛏️

ARC NFTs are mineable by the Top Delegators of the Randomly Assigned/Chosen Oracle who submit a mining order each epoch. The higher your WFLR delegation to the randomly assigned FTSO, the higher your chance of being assigned any NFT is, and the higher the chance is you will be assigned a high rank/rarity NFT. If you do not submit an MINING ORDER you will not be eligible to claim an NFT when the epoch turns. If you are not in the Top Delegates your mining request will not go through! If you do not claim your available ARC within 3 epochs you will loose your ability to claim that NFT. You must MINE ARC each epoch before the epoch window closes to be enter the Leaderboard and be able to claim your ARC when the epoch turns. ma
When you submit a MINE ARC request it will remain in a Mining superposition until the epoch turns. If you created an order and did not receive an NFT you did not qualify and your address did not land above the Top Threshold of Delegators.
Every Epoch Interval a randomly chosen FTSO becomes the Assigned Oracle! If you are Delegated to the assigned Oracle, submit a MINE ARC request and are a Top Delegate in the global leaderboard your MINING will have a bountiful harvest! Use the Pending Oracle To know which Random Oracle is upcoming before it changes! Happy Mining! Eligible FTSO Range = All FTSOs that fall within this Vote Power range may be randomly assigned as the Chosen Oracle!
Rarity and Token ID are linked. The Rarest NFT is #1, the least rare NFT is #11,111. Users with the highest rank in the Top Delegates on the Leaderboard will be assigned an NFT closer to Rank/TokenId Range of #1-#1,000. Users with the lowest delegations in the Top Threshold will receive NFTs closer to Rank/TokenId range of #10,000-#11,111. This distribution is dynamic and varies depending on how many people are delegating, how much they are delegating and if they actually MINE ARC! If you do not submit a MINING ORDER you will not appear on the Leaderboard. If you are not in the Top Threshold of Delegates your mining request will NOT go through! Only the Top 22 addresses in the leaderboard will be able to successfully mine and claim and ARC.

Trait Rarity Stats 👽

"traits": { SOON! }