Oracle Token

Oracle Token $ORACLE - Genesis Songbird

Contract Address: 0xD7565b16b65376e2Ddb6c71E7971c7185A7Ff3Ff

The Oracle Token $ORACLE is the foundational governance token of Oracle Swap.

$ORACLE has a Max Supply of 1 Billion. No more $ORACLE will ever be minted ever again. In fact $ORACLE will be bought and burnt with the portion of the DEX swap fees reducing $ORACLEs supply over time🔥🔥🔥🔥! Learn More:

❄️pageOracle Distributor

One of $ORACLEs primary functions is to be staked in the Oracle Foundry to receive a portion of the DEX swap fee. Learn More:

🥩pageStake Your ORACLE

Holding $ORACLE allows you to call certain functions like the Distribution/Burn function of the Oracle Distributor Contract.

You can pair $ORACLE with other tokens like $WSGB to earn Prophet Token in Master Prophet Yield Farming System.

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