Here is a break down of $ORACLE Token mechanics

Token Allocation

1 BILLION TOTAL 620 Million To Airdrop 250 Million To Team 130 Million To Reserve/Marketing - The Reserve may be burned, used for liquidity, or provided to other exchanges...

Token Mechanics

The MasterOracle Contract has the ability to mint $ORACLE as rewards for LP Stakers. There is no other way oracle can be minted. The Ownership of the $ORACLE Token contract is given to the MasterOracle Contract.

Update: 4/22/22 - Ownership Of the MasterOracle Contract has officially been burned! $ORACLE will no longer be used for the Yield farming system. This disables the minting of new $ORACLE Tokens, which officially makes $ORACLE Token Static/Deflationary!

Main Team Oracle Wallets

0xe6972C13274563651b66021eF34f23AAF230ef06 0xd81Ae3BCea256AF2a8A989bD6F359C40309A4A8e 0x541aFAC3c65D058F81Fb3444a7c026B0960004ff 0x5D5F84a8b53820142F5Ad0911265a8Ad4c42b969 0xf3A9d35cfF5b7557dDD3Cd2cD3A50348E5F5D395 0x7a9b863a5BC2b76ED2f87193F53eE8D1CB0CcD3E 0xF9045a1f52C689D4d8E40C5070C8dDb2FC5212c0

3 Million $PRO has officially been locked until Songbird reaches Block 39 Million:

https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/address/0x6722bf30223005a7d7a1DeF5Dbcc5F9A71c643D6/write-contract https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/address/0x7d7ef5b736F05f11d36c541564B1a9C28d760678/write-contract https://songbird-explorer.flare.network/address/0x3f7a2138cf00e08774434Ecc713f581D75cD2446/read-contract

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