🥩Stake Your ORACLE

You can stake your $ORACLE tokens to earn yield on the Songbird Network.

Good to know: The yield you earn is highly dependent on the volume and user activity on Oracle Swap!

How it works

xORACLE is an IOU that holds your place when you stake your ORACLE. The Longer you hold xORACLE the more likely you will be able to cash out more ORACLE for each xORACLE you have. OLP SwapFees will be converted to ORACLE with the OracleDistributor, 70-80% of the ORACLE is distributed to Stakers/xORACLE holders, 10-20% of ORACLE is burnt. For example: you deposit 1 ORACLE which equals 1 xORACLE. In 1 months time you will be able to redeem 1.01 ORACLE per each xORACLE. If you ever want to get back into the pool it will cost more ORACLE. You would have to deposit 1.01 ORACLE to get 1 xORACLE and re enter the pool. You will always get back the same amount of ORACLE you put in and more, depending on the rate that Swapfees are sent to the OracleFoundry contract. If the xORACLE pool is very diluted the rewards decrease. If the APY is blank it is likely because it is still in decimals because the rewards are small and diluted. Essentially the OracleFoundry system will start as 1 xORACLE = 1 ORACLE. Over time as ORACLE is sent to the OracleFoundry staking contract it will distribute it among stakers. 1 xORACLE will start to equal more than 1 ORACLE over time. xORACLE is created and burnt based off of the Oracle that is staked and unstaked. xORACLE can be double staked in the farm with zero impermanent loss risk.

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