Prophet Token

Prophet Token $PRO - Genesis Songbird
Contract Address: 0xf810576A68C3731875BDe07404BE815b16fC0B4e
The Prophet Token $PRO is an incentive token that is minted and distributed to Liquidity Providers through the Master Prophet Yield Farming Contract.
Prophet Token starts with an inflation of 6 $PRO per block starting June 2022. The $PRO per block will decrease 1 $PRO per block after the initial bonus month! Prophet Token will be more scarce and harder to come earn by this stage!
The Prophet Token $PRO has a deflationary mechanic of 1% burn on transfers, which keeps the supply in check and incentivizes holding. For Example: If you transfer 100 $PRO, 1 $PRO is burnt. The receiving address will only receive 99 $PRO. Prophet Token does not have a set Max Supply but with rough calculations we can calculate that in 10 years the total supply could be around 250-300 Million. This is not taking into account the 1% burn on transfers and the $PRO buy/burn system. This number is derived by Songbirds average block time. Songbirds current average block time is about 1.5 seconds. After the initial bonus phase Prophet will be minted at 1 $PRO per block which is an inflation of approximately 22 Million per year. Under certain circumstances it is possible that Prophet token can be deflationary. 3 Million $PRO has officially been locked until Songbird reaches Block 39 Million: