Vision Token

Vision Token $VIS - Genesis Flare
Contract Address: COMING SOON!

What is Vision🧿?

Vision $VIS will be the Farm Token for OracleSwap V2 on FLR. VIS/WFLR liquidity pair will be the starting largest earning farm pair that will be able to earn FLR delegation rewards and VIS simultaneously. The first Dual earning Liquidity Farming system. Vision will also be stakebale as a part of OracleSwap V2 to earn multiple tokens. Users will earn different kinds of OSLP Tokens, a portion of the Delegation rewards from pools and more!


MAX Supply 2, 222,222,222 (2.2 Billion) Vision Token ($VIS)

Starting Supply 222,222,222 (222.2 Million) Vision Token ($VIS)

Vision Is Given To The Archetypes!🧿>👽

ARC NFT MAX SUPPLY 11,111 111,111,111 Million Vision Token to ARC NFTs automatically transferred as they are minted/mined. The VIS transferred with each ARC is proportional to the ARCs rarity. 20 Million VIS to OracleSwap Team 20 Million VIS to the ARC_VAULT distributed over years (Same Distribution mechanism you see in MultiStaking. The thing that can be called to distribute ORACLE every 3 hours). 20 Million sVIS to PRO/ORACLE NFT MultiStaking on Songbird when bridging is possible. 20 Million VIS for Liquidity/Reserve 24 Million VIS potential free airdrop to OracleSwap/Flare Network Participants. 6 Million in Bonuses to certain NFTs with specific rare traits https://docs.oracleswap.io/oracle-swap-nfts/the-archetypes-nfts/arc-bonuses Thereafter the starting supply > 3-5 VIS Per Block to Liquidity Providers on OracleSwap V2. 1 VIS Per Block may go to ARC_VAULT, VIS Staking (Like PRO Staking), and potentially to Delegators of the OracleSwap FTSO in the future. Total potential MAX of 6 VIS Per Block makes for roughly 120 Million VIS minted and distributed per year based on 2 Second Flare Block Time. Most of this VIS goes to participants that get the Starting Supply and interact with the OracleSwap ecosystem on an ongoing bases... Vision Token Staking 10 Million fORACLE Token will be distributed to Vision Staking (similar to the PRO Staking system) on Flare distributed over years when bridging is possible. A TBD amount of fPRO to Vision Staking on Flare distributed over years when bridging is possible. BONUS 10-20 Million fORACLE potential free airdrop to OracleSwap/Flare Network Participants.