The Oracles NFTs

The Oracles are messengers from beyond that encourage humanity to utilize decentralized technologies to uplift their civilization. GENESIS ON THE SONGBIRD NETWORK!
The Oracles are a galactic collective of races, brought together by shared gift and universal understanding.
With their collective special gift of being able to see into the near future, this gift has over time allowed each race to overcome the short falls that have plagued humanity from time immemorial. With this gift they have been able to mitigate a lot of the problems we face In todays world by seeing solutions faster and coming up with ways around any potential problems that may arise within their civilization .
One of the many prophetic visions these races had over their vast and individual life times was that of currency , and the need for a currency to be decentralized as to delegate the power structure across the many instead of centralized in the hands of the few.
Galactic cultures like that of The Oracles, use a decentralized and fully trust less system, somewhat like our current cryptocurrency system but on a quantum level. Able to make exchanges between planets and even different star systems making use of their advanced technology.
The Oracles appear to burgeoning civilizations when they achieve a state that closely resembles that of what we currently find our selves in with cryptocurrency.
To guide and usher in a new form of exchange , they know that reality isn’t always as it seems, they see and understand things that are as of now beyond our understanding and if not handled with due care can lead to a rocky path, full of pit falls and dead ends.
This is where The Oracles unique gift of foresight and premonition come into play. They are here now to assist us as we evolve into this new system and to guide us as we transition.
They know this is the first step in becoming a galactic civilization and its often the first step that is the most treacherous, which is why their presence is being revealed to the world right now.
Allow The Oracles to show you the way, the road ahead is long but with the help of The Oracles it will be a path we can successfully traverse together as one unified collective.
They will leave us clues, guide posts and hints along the way but it is for us to open up ourselves to see them.
Help is always available, one only needs to seek it.
The Oracles welcome us into this new reality and are excited for us to evolve and join them among the stars , but first we need to transition from the old and decaying ways of the past and step boldly and confidently into the new.
Join us , lets take this journey together.