💸Airdrop Info

Please make sure you are holding all of these for the snapshot (TBA) and until the Airdrop is officially complete so you do not get missed out. YOU MUST HOLD TO BE QUALIFIED!

THE SNAPSHOT WAS TAKEN June 7th 2022 at approximately 11:45pm PDT.



To qualify for the airdrop there are a few ways to participate which we will detail below.

Firstly you can mint The Oracle NFTs , which will be available from the 5th of May at oracleswap.io this is the best way to get the most amount of tokens.

The Oracle NFTs have a random distribution value of between 3,200 to 300,000 token points assigned to them via their multiplier traits (you can find out more in the multiplier traits section).

Secondly you can purchase Rare Pepe NFTs, Pixel Pepe NFTs or REDPILL NFTs these are available on the secondary market via Sparkles or you can use our innovative new method called Spin 2 Win linked below. You can find out more about these NFTs token allocation in the NFT PARTNERS section.

Mass Airdrop - 239K Addresses!

We took a snapshot of the first page of the Tokens List in the bock explorer on 4/28/22. If you were holding any of the top 57 Tokens in the block explorer tokens list you will receive 100 $ORACLE. There is nothing you need to do to claim these. They will automatically be airdropped to you. On a basis of 1 drop per wallet address. All duplicated have been removed.

Whale Bonuses

If you mint and hold 10-49 Oracles NFTs the holding wallet will get a bonus of 22K $ORACLE Tokens.

If you mint and hold 50 Oracles NFTs the holding wallet will get a bonus of 222k $ORACLE tokens.

If you plan to buy more than 50 we suggest you use 2 wallets , and distribute your buys between them 50 per wallet to qualify for a double drop bonus.

The same applies to multiples of 10 NFTs.

Flare Oracle + Oracles NFTs

You can delegate to Flare Oracle FTSO (this is time sensitive and we suggest you join their discord to find out more). If you delegated 5,000 SGB before 05/05/22 with Flare Oracle FTSO and you hold Oracle NFTs you will get an additional 1000 $ORACLE tokens per NFT you hold. If you keep your delegation locked as of Epoch 33 and hold your Oracle NFTs for an additional 4 Epochs you will receive an extra 1000 $ORACLE Tokens per Oracle NFT for each Epoch.

For Example: Delegate 5000 SGB before 05/05/22. Hold 1 Oracle NFT. Receive 1000 $ORACLE for Epoch 33. Continue to hold The Oracle NFTs and delegate to Flare Oracle for an additional 4 Epochs and receive your total of 5000 $ORACLE at the end of Epoch 37.

These rewards will be in a separate airdrop at the end of Epoch 37.

If you leave/undelegate your SGB from Flare Oracle in the middle of Epochs 34-37 you forfeit all of your points for those Epochs (4000 $ORACLE). You will still receive your 1000 $ORACLE for Epoch 33.

Learn more at: https://discord.gg/scDD6wtNqc

Club XRP + Oracle NFTs

If you hold Club XRP $CLUB token on XRPL and also hold at least one Oracle NFT you will get an extra 1000 $ORACLE Tokens per NFT you hold. You must submit your SGB wallet address that you minted with through a micro transaction and a form to qualify. Learn more at: https://discord.gg/rkh2GM3HxN

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